Welcome to Counseling Services Online with Dr. Melissa Arnott, LPC CAC

Welcome to Counseling Services Online with
Dr. Melissa Arnott, LPC CAC
Hope Counseling Services
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Collaboratively we will explore, clarify, and identify needs which help to make changes in cognitions and behaviors that can result in the attainment of self-acceptance, goals, and life's satisfaction.
As a dedicated, culturally responsive educator and professional counselor with a broad knowledge of therapeutic approaches, I offer a myriad of effective services. These services include Counseling, Coaching, Consulting & Training.

  • Counseling services include Individual, Family, & Group counseling from childhood to late adulthood.
  • Coaching services include Academic/Education Coaching, ADD & Learning Disability Coaching and Life Coaching.
  • Consulting and Training services (online or at your site), include staff development, community outreach, organizational consulting, training, and workshops.
From an Existential/Person-Centered philosophy, I utilize a Multi-modal approach to counseling and coaching which is holistic, person-centered, and empirically based. Relying on research, I employ my diverse training and integrate an array of therapeutic interventions that will yield optimum results for the individual and the issues presented.

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